Italian Life TV takes your brand to Millions of TV Screens.

Introduce new viewerships on SmartTVs and ConnectedTV devices to your brand, products, services and promotional contents.

Let us feature you prominently along with the greatest Italian brands and products, on designated TV Apps on all major SmartTVs, set-top-boxes and streaming sticks, dedicated to everything Italian.

Share your version of Italian quality and let’s make this world great again!

The Opportunity:

  1. Content Placement: Italian Life TV will place your content in TV Apps on the leading ConnectedTV/StreamingTV platforms including Roku, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV and AndroidTV all across Europe and North America.
  2. Pre/Mid/Post-Roll Ads: become a sponsor of contents across thousands established TV Apps. Force viewers to watch your ad before being able to view the content they selected. Interrupt viewers while watching their favorite shows and videos and force them to sit through your ad before being able to resume to watch their selected content.

Our Pre/Mid/Post-Roll video ad placement is non-skippable. Viewers have to watch your ad if they want to continue with their selected show or video.